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statement of activities nonprofit

Training your accounting teams on the importance of granularity in financial reporting and the use of resources like the UCOA can significantly improve your financial management practices. Regularly review classification practices to ensure they align with your organization’s how to determine a corporate strategy for your operations management plan strategic needs and comply with the latest accounting standards. A statement of activities is a comprehensive report that provides valuable information about an organization’s finances. It typically includes data on revenues, expenses, and changes in net assets.

To make this process easier, we recommend that your organization partner with a nonprofit accountant like the experts at Jitasa. Our team will meet you where you are in compiling your statement of activities, analyze your financial data, and make tailored recommendations to improve your revenue and expense allocation going forward. Nonprofits may receive donations that donors, corporations, or foundations wish to use on specific programs or expenses.

Nonprofits unwilling to share this information should be questioned about their reasons for lack of transparency. Since many of your expenses will cover salary, insurance, rent, utilities, events, technology, etc., you may find that your restricted funds are higher than unrestricted ones. You must share this at the beginning of the year and the end of your financial period. Temporarily restricted funds that must be held for a short period will be unrestricted eventually, but they must be listed under restricted funds until then. If your nonprofit provides and charges people fees for their services, you can also report this revenue on your Statement of Activities.

Misinterpreting these restrictions can lead to the improper recognition of revenue and restricted net assets, skewing the report on available funds for designated activities or projects. Financial statements must reflect the true nature of resources available. A nonprofit statement of activities is a financial statement that shows the  income and expenses of your nonprofit over a period of time. This statement can be used to track your progress and make sure that your nonprofit is staying on budget.

Key to Fulfilling Mission

This transparency and detailed accounting are vital for maintaining trust with donors, fulfilling regulatory requirements, and guiding strategic financial decisions. Meanwhile, unrestricted revenue can be allocated toward projects, operations, and other expenses as chosen by the nonprofit itself. Finally, one of the categories often listed as revenue on your statement of activities is your net assets released from restriction. These are the funds that you are now able to use as unrestricted revenue, although they may have been restricted in the past.

  1. After examining their statement of activities, they can determine which fund they need to allocate more money too in order to achieve their goals for the year.
  2. Nonprofits need consistent review and reconciliation routines to avoid inaccurate reporting.
  3. If you haven’t seen one for your organization yet or want to try your hand at compiling one, use our template to get started.
  4. Finally, one of the categories often listed as revenue on your statement of activities is your net assets released from restriction.
  5. A statement of activities is a comprehensive report that provides valuable information about an organization’s finances.
  6. As a CPA working with nonprofits of all sizes, I’ve encountered numerous errors in Board of Directors’ financial reports and Statements of Activities documents.

One of the things you need to do when you’re running a nonprofit organization is to keep track of your financial statements. In this guide, we’ll explain what a nonprofit statement of activities is, why it’s important, and how to create one for your organization. The Statement of Activities (SOA) is the correct nonprofit term for the report we may commonly have called the income statement, budget report, profit & loss, income and expense report, etc.

The Statement of Financial Position, or Balance Sheet, shows what your nonprofit owns and owes at a specific moment. Think of it as a financial photo, showing your assets, debts, and overall net worth. Your organization works hard to raise funds and to use those funds to further your mission. Ensuring your reports are in check will help your nonprofit make the most of your finances moving forward. Let’s dive in to learn more about the specifics of your nonprofit statement of activities.

What is Included In The Statement of Activities?

A critical tool in achieving both of these things is the Statement of Activities. A Statement of Activities shows whether an organization made a profit or a loss during a period of time. It is a financial snapshot that can be used to track the organization’s financial progress. Reading a Statement of Activities can be helpful for understanding a nonprofit’s overall financial picture.

statement of activities nonprofit

Grants and federal funding usually have rules on how you can use the money. This section details the fundraising, donations, grants, program service fees, membership dues, and investment income. By categorizing revenue types, you can easily gain insights into the different funding sources. The first thing you’ll want to look at when reading a nonprofit statement of activities is the net income. This will give you an idea of whether or not the organization is bringing in more money than it’s spending.

Nonprofit Accounting Terms

Tom is a multi-disciplined leader with over a decade of experience in nonprofit operations, technology leadership in government, and over two decades of servant leadership. Expenses in the Statement of Activities include all money flowing out of your organization. The first step in reading a Statement of Activities is to understand its purpose. Return to the Internal Reports Introduction page for links to greater detail on how to read various reports as well as recommended formatting.


Your nonprofit statement of activities is split into several different sections. Meanwhile, horizontally, it’s split into your organization’s unrestricted and restricted revenue. The only difference between these terms is that “income statement” is more commonly used by for-profit organizations, while “statement of activities” is more popular among nonprofits. Many nonprofits find that the word “activities” better reflects their focus on mission-driven work and the fact that they bring in revenue from a variety of sources—not just earned income.

While for-profits focus on making as much income as possible to make more money for themselves, nonprofit organizations focus instead on how they can raise additional revenue to further their missions. All of a nonprofit’s funds should be reinvested into the organization and its mission. The statement of activities is one of the main financial statements issued by a nonprofit organization.

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